What is Whompsercise?

What is Whompsercise?

Whompsercise is a re-interpretation of classic aerobics classes suited for the new generation of electronic music fans.  Each session is led by a professional dance instructor, who draws inspiration from the live DJ performance to bring a custom-tailored workout to each class.  Though it is technically a dance class, participants can expect a serious full-body workout that is completely complimentary to their typical weekend dance routine.  The workouts are well-suited for the average dubstep show, and though most participants are experienced concert-goers, it’s surprising what a little focused practice can do for your footwork!

How often does Whompsercise happen?

Our Class Schedule provides up-to-date information about locations and times as well as our scheduled DJs and performers.  One of our goals is to introduce a variety of instructors and DJs to the community, so participants can expect each class to be different from the last.  If you want to participate but cannot attend any of the currently scheduled classes, please join our mailing list or find The Basics Fund on Facebook for updates on new classes.

How do I sign up for classes?

Make a reservation for yourself and your friends on our Class Schedule.  Whompsercise is free to members of The Basics Fund, and non-members can purchase a trial membership for $10.  Non-members may purchase as many trial memberships as they like.

How do I sign up to be an instructor or DJ?

Send an email with your credentials to pj@thebasicsfund.org.  DJs and instructors are both compensated for their time, and though we will rotate as often as we can, there is no set limit to how many times you can lead a session.

What does The Basics Fund have to do with this?

The Basics Fund is the connection point between artist and audience, and Whompsercise is just one of the ways we attempt to bridge the gap between the two.  After compensating our instructors and DJs, all proceeds go to The Basics Fund and are redirected into TBF events and our sponsored artists.